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Akshobhya Tirtha

Akshobhya Tirtha
Govinda Shastri

Religious career

Akshobhya Tirtha (c. 1350- c. 1365) was a Dvaita scholar and theologian.[1] A forceful debater of his time, [2] he is considered to be the contemporary of Vidyaranya and Vedanta Desika, flourishing in the nascent Vijayanagara Empire.[3] Born as Govinda Shastri, he received sannyasa from Madhva and later succeeded Madhava Tirtha (c. 1333-c. 1350) as the pontiff. Traditionally, Akshobhya is known to have triumphed over Vidyaranya in a debate, the arbiter of which was Vedanta Desika.[1] A non-extant work titled Madhva Tantra Samgraha is attributed to him. [1] Sharma contends that Akshobhya retired to Pandharapur in his twilight years where he encountered a youth called Dhondu Pant on the banks of Bhima river, who would later go on to be his disciple and successor, Jayatirtha. [4] His mortal remains rest at Malkhed.


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