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Aisi language

Native toPapua New Guinea
RegionMadang Province
Native speakers
(360 cited 1981)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mmq
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Aisi, or Musak, is a Papuan language of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.

Aisi is spoken in Musak (5°20′09″S 145°14′25″E / 5.335931°S 145.240255°E / -5.335931; 145.240255 (Musak)), Kikerai (5°14′53″S 145°12′38″E / 5.248069°S 145.21067°E / -5.248069; 145.21067 (Kikirai)), Banam (5°24′50″S 145°14′15″E / 5.413751°S 145.237589°E / -5.413751; 145.237589 (Banam)), Sepu (5°27′32″S 145°12′52″E / 5.458793°S 145.214516°E / -5.458793; 145.214516 (Sepu)), and Garaligut (5°28′25″S 145°15′55″E / 5.473568°S 145.265295°E / -5.473568; 145.265295 (Garaligut)) villages in Usino Rural LLG.[3][4][5] The largest Aisi-speaking villages are Sepu, Banam, and Musak, located just to the east of the Ramu River.


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