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Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn 'Arafa ad-Desouki
Died1 April 1815 CE (1230 AH)
EraOttoman Era
JurisprudenceSunni Maliki
Main interest(s)Aqida and Fiqh
Notable work(s)Hashiyat ad-Desouki 'ala ash-Sharh al-Kabir

Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn 'Arafa ad-Desouki (died April 1815 CE) (AH – 1230 AH ) known as ad-Desouki or ad-Dusuqi was a prominent late jurist in the Maliki school from Desouk in modern-day Egypt.


Ad-Desouki was born in Desouk in Northern Egypt. He moved from Desouk to Cairo where he attended lessons at al-Azhar University under a number of its scholars most notably Ad-Dardir, whose expounding of the Mukhtasar of Khalil is one of the most important late works in the Maliki school. His most important contribution to Maliki fiqh is his Hashiya (marginal notes on Dardir's expounding of Khalil's Mukhtasar), which is one of the most commonly referenced works for the fatwa positions of the Maliki school. Ad-Desouki was well known and favoured for his ability to simplify complex matters in his teaching style at al-Azhar as well as in his writings. Hasan al-Attar was one of his most famous students who would later become the Grand Imam of al-Azhar. He died in Cairo in 1815 CE.[1]

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