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A533 road

A533 shield

Major junctions
North endWidnes
 A562 A562 road
A557 A557 road
Runcorn-Widnes bridge
A557 A557 road
A558 A558 road
A557 A557 road
A56 A56 road East
A56 A56 road West
A49 A49 road
A559 A559 road
A556 A556 road
A5108 A5108 road
A54 A54 road
A534 A534 road
A50 A50 road
South endNorth Rode
Road network

The A533 road is a road linking Rode Heath in Cheshire, England with Widnes, also in Cheshire. The road follows this route:

The road is a primary route between Middlewich and Runcorn. The route also covers the Silver Jubilee Bridge.