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85-15 Wareham Place

85-15 Wareham Place is a house in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens, New York City. It is the childhood home of U.S. President Donald Trump. The place is the home listed on Trump's birth certificate.[1] Trump lived in this home until age 4, when the family moved to another house in Queens.[2] It is located on Wareham Place near Henley Road.

The Tudor-style house, built in 1940 by Trump's father, Fred Trump[3], is located in the upper-middle-class neighborhood of Jamaica Estates.[4] The house was put up for sale in July 2016, during the presidential campaign.[1] It was scheduled to be sold at auction in October 2016, but the seller took it off the market.[2] In December 2016, the house was purchased by Manhattan real estate investor named Michael Davis. Davis, who had never seen the house, and who initially remained anonymous, arranged to have the house sold at auction on January 17, three days before Trump's inauguration on January 20.[5] According to the terms of the auction, arranged by Paramount Realty USA (, the seller has 5 days to consider the bids.[6]

The house is currently listed on the house rental service Airbnb for $725 per night.[7]


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