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80 Flatbush

80 Flatbush
General information
Estimated completion2022-2025
Roof(Phase One - 510 feet)
(Phase Two - 840 feet)[1][2]

80 Flatbush is a proposal for a mixed-use development in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, New York City, near Downtown Brooklyn. The completion of the project is contingent on the rezoning of the site owned by Alloy and the New York City Department of Education so that two towers can be built and floor-area ratio can be tripled.[3] Without the rezoning, Alloy will still be able to build a single tower taller than the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower, which is over 500 feet (150 m) tall.

The two buildings will incorporate residential units, two schools, office space, and a retail base. One of the schools will be an expanded facility for Khalil Gibran International Academy, while the other will be a new 350-seat elementary school.[4] Alloy, the developer, is also partnering with BRIC to turn a building on the site that will not be razed into new spaces for the organization.[5]

The development is planned for a triangular plot in Brooklyn. Not all of the buildings present today will be razed; one, a former Civil War infirmary, will be preserved and re-purposed as a cultural facility.[4]

Local community members feared that 80 Flatbush as originally planned would cast large shadows around Boerum Hill and Prospect Heights, since one of the towers was originally supposed to be as tall as the Chrysler Building. In August 2018, New York City Council member Stephen Levin announced that he would seek a height reduction.[6] Following a height reduction for both towers, the project was approved by a New York City Council subcommittee in September 2018,[7][8] and was subsequently approved by the full council. The height of Phase One was cut from 986 to 840 feet (301 to 256 m) while Phase Two was cut from 560 to 510 feet (170 to 160 m).[9]

As of October 2019, demolition of the site's preexisting structures had begun.[10]


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