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2014 Lithuanian land sales referendum

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A referendum on forbidding the sale of land to foreigners was held in Lithuania on 29 June 2014.[1] Although 73% of voters voted in favour, the referendum was invalidated by a turnout of just 14.98%.[2][3]


When Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, it agreed to allow the sale of land to foreigners. However, the country was granted a seven-year transition period, under which sale of land to foreigners remained illegal. This period was later extended to last until May 2014.[1]

A previous referendum on allowing EU citizens to buy land was held in 1996. Although a majority of those voting voted in favour, the required quorum of 50% of registered voters voting in favour was not achieved.


Choice Votes %
For 269,049 72.83
Against 100,375 27.17
Invalid/blank votes 10,754
Total 380,178 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,538,430 14.98
Source: VRK


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