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1997 Junior World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships

The 1997 Junior World Sports Acrobatics Championships was the fifth edition of the acrobatic gymnastics competition, then named sports acrobatics, and took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, from May 29 to 31, 1997.[1] The competition was organized by the International Federation of Sports Acrobatics (IFSA).

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's tumbling all-around Russia Denis Serdiukov Belarus Igor Adamenkov United Kingdom Ross Gibson
Men's tumbling somersault Kazakhstan Roman Lastovsky United Kingdom Ross Gibson
Belarus Igor Adamenkov
Men's tumbling twist Russia Denis Serdiukov Kazakhstan Roman Lastovsky China Yong Deng
Women's tumbling all-around Ukraine Kristina Zheleznyak Ukraine Olena Dribna Russia Valeria Schukina
Women's tumbling somersault Ukraine Olena Dribna France Alexandra Dutarte United Kingdom Leigh Rugman
Women's tumbling twist Russia Valeria Schukina Ukraine Kristina Zheleznyak Kazakhstan Oksana Borissyuk
Men's pair all-around  Ukraine  China  Russia
Men's pair balance  Ukraine  China  Russia
Men's pair tempo  China  Russia  Ukraine
Women's pair all-around  Russia  United Kingdom  Ukraine
Women's pair balance  Russia  Ukraine  United Kingdom
Women's pair tempo  United Kingdom  Russia  Ukraine
Mixed pair all-around  Ukraine  China  Russia
Mixed pair balance  China  Ukraine  Germany
Mixed pair tempo  Ukraine  China  Russia
Men's group all-around  Russia  Poland  Kazakhstan
Men's group balance  Russia  Poland  Kazakhstan
Men's group tempo  Poland  Russia  China
Women's group all-around  Ukraine
N/A  Poland
Women's group balance  Ukraine
N/A  Poland
Women's group tempo  Ukraine  Russia  Poland
Team  Russia
N/A  United Kingdom