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1989 Falkland Islands general election

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The Falkland Islands general election of 1989 was held on Thursday 12 October 1989 to elect members to the Legislative Council. Eight Councillors were elected through universal suffrage using block voting, four from each constituency (Camp and Stanley).

Three candidates stood for the Desire the Right Party, one of the only political parties in the history of the Falkland Islands which normally acts as a non-partisan democracy, however none of the party's candidates were elected.[1]


Candidates in bold were elected. Candidates in italic were incumbents.

Camp constituency

Camp result[2]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Nonpartisan Bill Luxton Symbol confirmed.svg 239 24.4 N/A
Nonpartisan Norma Edwards Symbol confirmed.svg 197 20.1 N/A
Nonpartisan Ron Binnie Symbol confirmed.svg 169 17.2 N/A
Nonpartisan Kevin Kilmartin Symbol confirmed.svg 151 15.4 N/A
Nonpartisan Eric Goss 143 14.6 N/A
Desire the Right Ann Robertson 64 6.5 N/A
Nonpartisan Fred Clark 17 1.7 N/A
Turnout 980

Stanley constituency

Stanley result[2]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Nonpartisan Harold Rowlands Symbol confirmed.svg 386 18.1 N/A
Nonpartisan Terry Peck Symbol confirmed.svg 381 17.9 +10.4
Nonpartisan Gavin Short Symbol confirmed.svg 280 13.1 N/A
Nonpartisan Gerrard "Fred" Robson Symbol confirmed.svg 262 12.3 N/A
Nonpartisan John Cheek 202 9.5 -1.6
Nonpartisan Wendy Teggart 161 7.6 N/A
Nonpartisan John Halford 145 6.8 N/A
Nonpartisan Christel Mercer 103 4.8 N/A
Desire the Right Mike Rendell 95 4.5 N/A
Desire the Right Tim Miller 58 2.7 N/A
Nonpartisan Dave Eynon 57 2.7 N/A
Turnout 2130


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