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1987 New Brunswick general election

1987 New Brunswick general election

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58 seats of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
30 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Frank McKenna2.jpg
Leader Frank McKenna Richard Hatfield George Little
Party Liberal Progressive Conservative New Democratic
Leader since 1985 1967 1980
Leader's seat Chatham Carleton Centre (lost re-election) ran in Kings West (lost)
Last election 18 39 1
Seats won 58 0 0
Seat change Increase40 Decrease39 Decrease1
Popular vote 246,702 116,798 43,033
Percentage 60.39% 28.59% 10.55%
Swing Increase19.09% Decrease18.86% Increase0.4%

New Brunswick general election 1987 - Results by Riding.svg
Popular vote by riding. As this is an FPTP election, seat totals are not determined by popular vote, but instead via results by each riding.

Premier before election

Richard Hatfield
Progressive Conservative

Premier after election

Frank McKenna

Rendition of party representation in the 51st New Brunswick Legislative Assembly decided by this election.
  Liberals (58)
  Progressive Conservatives (0)
  New Democrats (0)

The 1987 New Brunswick general election was held on October 13, 1987, to elect 58 members to the 51st New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, the governing house of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. The Liberal Party won power for the first time since 1967. They did so in an unheard-of landslide, winning all 58 seats in the legislature. This feat was only accomplished one other time in Canadian history, in the 1935 Prince Edward Island election.


The popularity of Richard Hatfield, who had served as a popular premier from 1970 through the 1982 election, fell due to scandals in his last term. In 1984, during an official visit to New Brunswick by Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers found marijuana in Hatfield's luggage. Hatfield was later acquitted of marijuana possession charges. As reported by the media, Hatfield was also alleged to have hosted parties with young men where illegal drugs were used.[1] He was criticized by opposition parties and by the media for extravagant use of the government plane, which he used to travel to New York City where he visited night clubs, earning him the nickname "Disco Dick".[2]

In 1985, three Saint John-area Progressive Conservative members of the legislature (MLAs) challenged Hatfield's leadership and led a brief caucus revolt after the Liberals won two by-elections in previously Tory seats, but Hatfield led the party through a fifth election.


Hoping to boost his popularity enough to avoid defeat, Hatfield delayed calling the election as long as possible. It was finally held on October 13, 1987, five years and a day since the last election—the longest allowed by the Constitution of Canada. The Tories lost all of their seats, and Hatfield himself lost his own seat to Liberal challenger Allison DeLong by a staggering 19 points. Taking full responsibility for the defeat, he announced his resignation the night of the election while being interviewed by media outside of his Hartland home. Tory supporters had crowded into Hatfield's home, but abandoned him early in the evening as the returns began to come in.

Frank McKenna's Liberals were virtually assured victory from day one, thanks to Hatfield's scandals. However, they ran a very successful campaign that enabled them to garner an unprecedented clean sweep of the legislature. The New Democrats also suffered a moral defeat, losing their one seat—something they had won for the first time in 1982.


Party Party Leader # of
Seats Popular Vote
1982 Dissolution Elected % Change # % Change
  Liberal Frank McKenna 18 19 58 246,702 60.39%
  Progressive Conservative Richard Hatfield 39 38 0 116,798 28.59%
  New Democratic George Little 1 1 0 43,033 10.55%
  Independents - - - 1,933 0.47%
*** Total 58 58 58 408,516 100.0%

Results by riding


Consisting of Victoria, Madawaska, Restigouche and Gloucester county ridings.

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  Liberal   PC   NDP Other
Victoria-Tobique Dr. Larry R. Kennedy 3,787 J. Douglas Moore 2,126 Evelyn Hathaway 372 J. Douglas Moore
Grand Falls Paul E. Duffie 4,124 Réal Dionne 997 Henri Soucy 224 Everard Daigle
Madawaska-les-Lacs Georges Corriveau 3,839 Jean-Pierre Ouellet 1,933 Maurice Clavette 368 Jean-Pierre Ouellet
Madawaska Centre Gérald Clavette 3,136 Don Marmen 1,759 Paul Morneault 386 Gérald Clavette
Edmundston Roland Beaulieu 4,526 J. Pius Bard 1,387 Rodolphe Martin 394 Roland Beaulieu
Madawaska South Pierrette Ringuette-Maltais 2,597 Percy P. Mockler 2,272 Jean-Claude Bosse 131 Percy P. Mockler
Restigouche West Jean-Paul Savoie 3,479 Yvon Poitras 3,462 James Gallant 262 Yvon Poitras
Campbellton Edmond Blanchard 4,278 Fernand G. Dubé 2,244 Clara I. MacMillan 362 Fernand G. Dubé
Dalhousie Allan Maher 4,479 Scott Chedore 919 Stewart Beckingham 380 Allan Maher
Restigouche East Rayburn Doucett 3,382 Paul E. McIntyre 1,599 Wayne Lapointe 190 Rayburn Doucett
Nigadoo-Chaleur Pierre Godin 5,953 Annonciade "Nancy" Arsenault 1,478 John Gagnon 595 Pierre Godin
Nepisiguit-Chaleur Frank Branch 5,086 Claude Albert 1,029 Harry Scott 323 Frank Branch
Bathurst Paul Kenny 6,281 René Pratt 1,126 Richard Doucet 566 Paul Kenny
Caraquet Bernard Thériault 5,642 Emery Robichaud 4,508 Gérard Rousselle 171 Emery Robichaud
Shippagan-les-Îles Aldéa Landry 5,601 Jean Gauvin 3,993 Charles Rail 100 Jean Gauvin
Tracadie Douglas M. Young 5,787 Colette McGraw 3,081 Serge Robichaud 823 Fernand Losier (Ind.) 184 Douglas M. Young


Consisting of Carleton, York, Sunbury and Northumberland county ridings.

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  Liberal   PC   NDP Other
Carleton North B. Fred Harvey 2,687 Charles G. Gallagher 1,963 Anna Marie Kilfoil 217 Charles G. Gallagher
Carleton Centre Allison Winston DeLong 2,787 Richard B. Hatfield 1,853 Kathryn Campbell 183 Richard B. Hatfield
Carleton South Bruce Smith 3,059 Steven Porter 2,032 Arthur L. Slipp 303 Steven Porter
York North Bob Simpson 6,221 David Bishop 2,714 Craig Melanson 1,075 David Bishop
York South Al Lacey 6,894 Les Hull 3,485 Gary Hughes 1,002 H. Robert A. Storr (Ind.) 108 Les Hull
Fredericton South Russ King 7,384 David Clark 2,672 Shauna MacKenzie 2,323 Harry John Marshall (Ind.) 116 David Clark
Fredericton North Jim Wilson 6,667 Ed Allen 3,584 Carman J. Burns 888 Gordon "Brian" King (Ind.) 354 Ed Allen
Sunbury Doug Harrison 4,551 Horace Smith 1,917 Christina Corey 569 Horace Smith
Oromocto Tom Gilbert 3,807 Joe Mombourquette 1,377 Barbara Carr 436 Joe Mombourquette
Southwest Miramichi Morris Green 4,676 Kevin Price 1,390 Patrick Kelly 180 Burton Joseph Kehoe (Ind.) 70 Morris Green
Miramichi-Newcastle John McKay 4,120 Paul Dawson 3,334 Jeanne Theriault 214 Paul Dawson
Chatham Frank McKenna 4,653 Leon Bremner 1,044 Patricia Marie Clancy 248 Frank McKenna
Bay du Vin Reg MacDonald 3,026 Roger "Butch" Wedge 2,460 Yvon Roy 130 Butch Wedge
Miramichi Bay Donald "Danny" Gay 4,422 James K. "Jim" Gordon 2,575 Joyce Carter 154 Jim Gordon

South West

Consisting of Queens, Kings, Saint John and Charlotte county ridings.

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  Liberal   PC   NDP Other
Queens North Doug Tyler 2,212 Constance M. Webber 1,442 Ruth Nightingale 135 Wilfred Bishop
Queens South Vaughn Blaney 2,075 Robert B. McCready 1,296 Susan Barton 256 Robert B. McCready
Kings West Laureen Jarrett 6,717 Don Horne 2,811 George Little 4,397 John B. M. Baxter, Jr.
Kings Centre Dr. Kal Seaman 4,419 Harold Newton Fanjoy 2,426 Marian G. Jefferies 1,392 Calvert M. "Colby" Fraser (Ind.) 403
Edward Freeman Gaunce (Ind.) 31
Harold Newton Fanjoy
Kings East P.A. "Pete" Dalton 4,662 Hazen Myers 2,737 Mark Dibblee Connell 815 Hazen Myers
Saint John Fundy Stuart Jamieson 2,724 Bev Harrison 2,399 Ben Donaldson 1,459 Bev Harrison
East Saint John Peter Trites 3,746 Gary William Woodroffe 1,737 Ervan Cronk 2,976 Dolores H. Cook (Ind.) 375
Frank Brown (Ind.) 272
Peter Trites
Saint John Harbour Louis Murphy 2,705 Gay Wittrien 830 Kenneth Wilcox 768 Louis Murphy
Saint John South John Mooney 1,974 Nancy Teed 1,133 David Brown 1,416 Nancy Teed
Saint John Park Shirley Dysart 2,596 Jean Porter 820 Paul Allen Maccovour 979 Shirley Dysart
Saint John North Leo A. McAdam 2,753 Eric John Kipping 1,165 Lesley Orill MacLean 952 Eric John Kipping
Saint John West Jane Barry 4,208 G. M. Keith Dow 3,057 Bob Jones 1,574 G. M. Keith Dow
Charlotte-Fundy Eric Allaby 2,475 James Nelson Tucker 1,340 Dorothy Matthews 220 James Nelson Tucker
Charlotte Centre Sheldon Lee 2,431 Stanley J. Smith 765 Graham Richardson 133 Sheldon Lee
Charlotte West Reid Hurley 2,286 Leland W. McGaw 1,434 Ray "Bud" Parks 211 Leland W. McGaw
St. Stephen-Milltown Ann Breault 2,054 Bob Jackson 1,922 Rick MacMillan 132 C. Ronald Campbell (Ind.) 21 Bob Jackson

South East

Consisting of Kent, Westmorland and Albert county ridings.

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  Liberal   PC   NDP Other
Kent North Conrad Landry 3,697 Gérald Guimond 1,414 Charles Richard 416 Conrad Landry
Kent Centre Alan R. Graham 3,232 Sammy Arsenault 662 Neil Gardner 268 Alan R. Graham
Kent South Camille Thériault 5,546 Omer Léger 3,242 Gérald Mazerolle 522 Omer Léger
Shediac Azor LeBlanc 7,219 Allard Robichaud 2,087 Omer W. Bourgue 858 Azor LeBlanc
Tantramar Marilyn Trenholme 3,160 Lloyd Folkins 1,085 Robert Arthur Hall 1,825 Robert Arthur Hall
Memramcook Greg O'Donnell 5,220 Clarence Cormier 2,914 Claire Doiron 932 Clarence Cormier
Moncton East Ray Frenette 5,131 David Cutler 1,114 Raymond Boucher 1,046 Ray Frenette
Moncton North Mike McKee 6,570 Stephen M. Trueman 1,083 Chris Collins 1,099 Mike McKee
Moncton West Jim Lockyer 4,853 Mabel DeWare 1,916 David Lang 786 Mabel DeWare
Petitcodiac Hollis S. Steeves 7,081 C.W. "Bill" Harmer 3,833 Richard James Hay 2,368 Bill Harmer
Riverview Hubert Seamans 5,357 Dave Richardson 2,002 Terry Boudreau 814 Hubert Seamans
Albert Harold A. Terris 2,668 Malcolm MacLeod 1,818 Eugene R. Marshall 765 Malcolm MacLeod


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