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1987 Copa América Final

1987 Copa América Final
Event1987 Copa América
DateJuly 12, 1987
VenueEstadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires
RefereeRomualdo Arppi Filho (Brazil)

The 1987 Copa América Final was the final match of the 1987 Copa América. It was held on July 12, 1987, in Buenos Aires. Uruguay won the match against Chile by a 1-0 score. This was the 13th. cup for Uruguay and the second final for Chile.


Uruguay had eliminated Argentina (reigning World Champion by then) based in their good defense and tactical order. As former defender and Olympic champion José Nasazzi stated, "We make the first 10 fouls of the match and then we win playing fair", that phrase synthesized the Uruguayan rough style of play to prevail psychologically over the rival since the first minute of the match.

Under that premise, defensive players Obdulio Trasante and José Perdomo applied that rough tactics during the first minutes, carrying the Argentine side to that style of play, confusing their rival. Once the first objective was fulfilled, Uruguay started to play fair, keeping the possession of the ball until the match ended.

The match

In the decisive match played at Estadio Monumental of Buenos Aires, Chile played dirty, committing a great amount of fouls, with Enzo Francescoli as one of their main victims. Because of that rough style of playing, defender Eduardo Gómez was sent off by Brazilian referee Romualdo Arpi Filho with before the 15 minutes of the match.

Nevertheless, Francascoli would be also sent off after fouling rival Fernando Astengo. Uruguay won the final through the highlighted performances of Alfonso Domínguez (who controlled the movements of Ivo Basay, Chile's most notable forward), and central midfielder José Perdomo, who played both, defensive and offensive positions.[1]

Match details

Uruguay 1–0 Chile
Bengoechea Goal 56'
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Arppi Filho (Brazil)
GK 12 Eduardo Pereira
DF 14 Alfonso Domínguez
DF 3 Nelson Gutiérrez
DF 4 Obdulio Trasante
DF 5 José Pintos Saldanha
MF 8 Gustavo Matosas
MF 15 José Perdomo (c) Red card 88'
MF 16 Pablo Bengoechea
MF 10 Enzo Francescoli Red card 27'
FW 7 Antonio Alzamendi Substituted off 86'
FW 11 Rubén Sosa
DF 6 José Enrique Peña Substituted in 86'
Roberto Fleitas
GK 1 Roberto Rojas (c)
DF 2 Óscar Reyes
DF 8 Eduardo Gómez Red card 14'
DF 11 Fernando Astengo Red card 88'
DF 4 Luis Hormazábal
MF 18 Patricio Mardones
MF 10 Jorge Contreras
MF 20 Héctor Puebla Substituted off 19'
MF 6 Jaime Pizarro
FW 9 Juan Carlos Letelier
FW 7 Ivo Basay
MF 8 Ricardo Toro Substituted in 19' Substituted off 63'
MF 21 Hugo Rubio Substituted in 63'
Orlando Aravena


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