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1979 French cantonal elections

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Cantonale elections to renew canton general councillors were held in France on 18 and 15 March 1979. The left gained 9 presidencies but lost 2.

Electoral system

The cantonales elections use the same system as the regional or legislative elections. There is a 10% threshold (10% of registered voters) needed to proceed to the second round.

National results

Runoff results missing

Party/Alliance % (first round) Seats
  PS 26.9% 539
PCF 22.5% 236
UDF 21.1% 347
  RPR 12.3% 172
Miscellaneous Right 10.7% 350
Miscellaneous Left 3.2% 54
MRG 1.9% 78
Far-Left 0.9% 0
Ecologists 0.5% 0


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