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1978 in comics

Notable events of 1978 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

This is a list of comics-related events in 1978.


Year overall






  • Continuing the "DC Explosion," the company increases its titles' page counts to 25 story pages and increases the price of a typical comic from 35 cents to 50 cents.
  • Batman #300: "The Last Batman Story—?", by David V. Reed, Walt Simonson, and Dick Giordano.
  • Garfield, by Jim Davis is launched on June 19 in 41 newspapers.









  • January 1: Don Freeman, American comics artist, painter, illustrator and children's novelist (Corduroy), passes away at age 61.


  • February 2: Maurice Tillieux, Belgian comics artist (Félix, Gil Jourdan), dies in a car accident at the age of only 56.[4]
  • February 5: Frans Van Immerseel, Belgian painter, caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator and comics artist (De Lotgevallen van Janssens), dies at age 68. [5]
  • February 9: Woody Gelman, American comics artist, novelist and publisher (Co-creator of Bazooka Joe), dies of a stroke at age c. 62.[6]
  • February 9: Warren King, American comics artist (The Firefly), passes away at age 62. [7]
  • February 19: Gisela Zimmermann, German comics artist (continued Digedags and Abrafaxe), dies at age 65 of heart failure. [8]
  • February 28: Glenn Chaffin, American comics writer (Tailspin Tommy), passes away at age 80. [9]


  • March 8: Tjeerd Bottema, Dutch illustrator and comics artist (Er Was Eens Een Oud Vrouwtje), dies at age 94.[10]



  • May 11: Clinge Doorenbos, Dutch comedian, singer, songwriter, children's novelist, poet, journalist and comics writer (Flippie Flink [12]), passes away at age 93.
  • May 17: Mort Weisinger, American comics editor (Superman, co-creator of Aquaman, Green Arrow and Johnny Quick), dies at age 63.


  • June 22: William Reusswig, American illustrator and comics artist (made comic adaptations of novels), dies at age 75. [13]



  • October 4: Sezgin Burak, Turkish comics artist (Tarkan), passes away at age 43.[15]
  • October 10: J.R. Bray, American animator and comics artist (Singing Sammy, Mr. O.U. Absentmind, Colonel Heeza Liar), dies at the age of 99.[16]



Specific date unknown

  • Al Fago, American comics artist (Atomic Mouse, Atomic Rabbit, Timmy the Timid Ghost), dies at age 73 or 74. [22]
  • Henry Le Monnier, French illustrator and comics artist (made various realistic adventure comics), dies at age 84 or 85. [23]



Eagle Awards

Presented in 1979 for comics published in 1978:

American section

U.K. section

First issues by title

DC Comics

Army at War

Release: November. Editor: Paul Levitz. (Immediately cancelled as a victim of the DC Implosion.)

Battle Classics

Release: September/October. Writer: Robert Kanigher. Artist: Joe Kubert. (Immediately cancelled as a victim of the DC Implosion.)

DC Comics Presents

Release: July. Writer: Martin Pasko. Artists: José Luis García-López and Dan Adkins.

Doorway to Nightmare

Release: January/February. Writer: David Michelinie. Artist: Val Mayerik.

Dynamic Classics

Release: September/October. Editor: Cary Burkett. (Reprint title immediately cancelled as a victim of the DC Implosion.)

Firestorm, the Nuclear Man

Release: March. Writer: Gerry Conway. Artist: Al Milgrom.

Steel: The Indestructible Man

Release: March. Writer: Gerry Conway. Artists: Don Heck and Joe Giella.

Marvel Comics

Devil Dinosaur

Release: April. Writer/Artist: Jack Kirby.

Machine Man

Release: April. Writer/Artist: Jack Kirby.

Man From Atlantis

Release: February. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artists: Tom Sutton and Sonny Trinidad.


Release: April. Writer: Marv Wolfman. Artists: Carmine Infantino and Tony DeZuniga.

Other publishers


Release: June by Warren Publishing. Editor: Bill DuBay.

Anarchy Comics

Release: by Last Gasp. Editor: Jay Kinney.

À Suivre magazine

Release: February by Casterman.


Release: August by WaRP Graphics. Writers: Wendy Pini and Richard Pini. Artist: Wendy Pini.


Release: February 4 by Fleetway.


Release: May 13 by IPC Media.

Canceled titles

DC Comics

Marvel Comics

Other publishers

Initial appearances by character name

DC Comics

Marvel Comics


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