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1879 in Canada

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Events from the year 1879 in Canada.



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The Opening of Canadian Parliament in 1879.

It wasn't an isolated case. During the late 1800s and into the 20th Century, fear of Wendigo (or Windigo) haunted northern Alberta communities, resulting in several grisly deaths. All other deaths he can document were cases of "Wendigo executions," where others have killed the person believed to be possessed. They were acts of self-preservation, attempts to protect their community.


January to June

Richard Gavin Reid

July to December


Historical Documents

Government scheme to divide 100 million acres of CPR land for settlement[2]

Ottawa memo outlines the "utter destitution" of some Indigenous people in the N.W.T.[3]

Federal commissioner reports on the dependency of Indigenous people at Fort Walsh, Alberta[4]

Visitor fears the Metis on the Assiniboine will not hold on to their lands much longer[5]

Description of Mennonite cooperative farming near Winnipeg[6]

All aboard the steamer Waubuno are lost in a gale on Georgian Bay[7]

Anti-Irish-Catholic opinion is published in the Irish Canadian[8]


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