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1873 in Canada

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Events from the year 1873 in Canada.



Federal government

Provincial governments

Lieutenant governors


Territorial governments

Lieutenant governors


January to June 1873

July to December



January to June

J. E. H. MacDonald

July to December

Full date unknown


James William Johnston

Historical Documents

Non-confidence moved in House of Commons over Government accepting election funding from group hoping to build CPR[2]

Why the Governor General did not dismiss Prime Minister Macdonald over the Pacific Scandal[3]

Note contains a death threat against Prime Minister Macdonald[4]

Metis leader Ambroise Lepine sentenced to death for the murder of Thomas Scott in 1870 at Red River[5]

House of Commons speeches on issues with Indigenous people in the Northwest Territories[6]

British Columbia Indian superintendent reports on the economic activity of Indigenous people[7]

Testimony about the ocean liner Atlantic, lost off Nova Scotia[8]


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