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1835 in Canada

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Events from the year 1835 in Canada.


Federal government



  • February 21 – The Governor's speech, proroguing the Assembly's last session, is expunged from the Journals. The revolutionary speech reduces the Country Party in the House to less than two-thirds of the members. The Governor will not sign a warrant for sessional expenses, until past payments are ratified. He prorogues the House.
  • June 1 – Official opening of the Kingston Penitentiary.

Full date unknown

  • Joseph Howe, a Halifax printer and owner since 1828 of the weekly Novascotian, is arrested for libel but successfully argues his own case for freedom of the press. A local hero, he begins advocating the kind of responsible government that is only established in 1848.
  • In the British Parliament, Mr. Stanley says there is no evidence to justify any one of the 92 Resolutions.
  • Sir Robert Peel announces that a Commission will investigate Canadian affairs, and report; but that no change of Constitution will be immediately made. If complaints as to its working prove unfounded, the agitation will be suppressed. To those threatening insurrection, he says "Our desire is to do justice; beware, then, lest your threats turn to your own disadvantage.