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1784 in Canada

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Events from the year 1784 in Canada.




  • August 16 -: In response to Loyalist demands, the Crown creates New Brunswick out of Nova Scotia. New Brunswick was then divided into eight counties.
  • 1784-: North West Company Built up Grand portage as a general summer rendezvous for all companies and free traders, drawing furs from as far as Oregon and the Arctic Circle.
  • David Thompson begins apprenticeship on Hudson Bay
  • James Cook's journal of his last voyage published in London
  • Ward Chipman the Elder, a Massachusetts lawyer, settled in New Brunswick, where he served as solicitor general until 1808.[1]
  • Butler's Rangers were disbanded in June 1784, and its veterans were given land grants in the Nassau District, now the Niagara region of Ontario, as a reward for their services to the British Crown.



Full date unknown

  • Laurence Coughlan, Methodist preacher, Church of England clergyman, and local official


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