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1782 in Canada

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Events from the year 1782 in Canada.




  • 1782–83: A smallpox epidemic hits the Sanpoil of Washington.
  • Montreal Upper Yellowstone, on old Indian trail along east slope of the mountains, challenging Spanish trade goods.
  • January 1 – Threatened by three hostile forces, Vermont is advised by Gen. George Washington, a skilled surveyor, to limit jurisdiction to undisputed territory.
  • February 22 – Vermont accepts the prescribed delimitation.
  • March 1 – It is proposed, in Congress, to treat Vermont as hostile, failing submission to the terms of 20 August 1781, and to divide it between New York and New Hampshire, along the ridge of the Green Mountains; and that the Commander-in-chief employ the Congressional forces to further this resolution.
  • In the course of this year John Molson, the future pioneer of Canadian steam navigation, arrives in Canada.
  • Councillor Finlay proposes to establish English schools in Canadian parishes, and to prohibit using the French language in the Law Courts after a certain time.



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