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1774 in Canada

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Events from the year 1774 in Canada.




  • June 22 – The Quebec Act ensures the loyalty of the seigneurs and the clergy to the new regime by guaranteeing the traditional language, civil law, and faith of the subjects.
  • September 4 – Delegates from twelve colonies discuss measures for common safety, at Philadelphia. Canada and Georgia are not represented, though invited. Vermont, not being organized, is not invited.
  • Lord Dunmore's War fought in Virginia between settlers and Shawnees.
  • The first Continental Congress meets.
  • Guy Carleton's recommendations are instituted in the Quebec Act, which introduces British criminal law but retains French civil law and guarantees religious freedom for Roman Catholics. The Act's geographical claims were so great that it helped precipitate the American Revolution.
  • Juan Perez ordered by Spain to explore west coast; discovers Prince of Wales Island, Dixon Sound.