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1759 in Canada

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Events from the year 1759 in Canada.




  • Tuesday May 22 - A British fleet approaches Quebec.
  • Thursday June 28 - French fire ships, intended to burn the British fleet, at Quebec, are taken ashore by British sailors.
  • Thursday July 26 - Carillon (Fort Ticonderoga) is abandoned by the French.
  • Saturday July 28 - Another French fireship attack fails against the British.
  • Tuesday July 31 - British forces attempt to take French fortifications at Montmorency and fail bitterly.
  • August 8 to August 9 - British guns, on Pointe Lévis, fire the lower town of Quebec.
  • Thursday September 13 - James Wolfe lands a force at Fuller's Cove, between 1 and 2 in the morning. They climb to the Plains of Abraham. At 6 a.m., Marquis de Montcalm is informed that the British have accomplished what he deemed impossible; but discredits the report. With 4,500, he fights about an equal number; but his men cannot resist bayonets. Each leader receives a mortal wound. Wolfe asks an officer to support him so that his followers may not be discouraged by his fall.
  • Friday September 14 - Montcalm dies in the Château St-Louis.
  • Monday September 17 - Capitulation of Quebec.
  • Tuesday September 18 - The British take possession of Quebec.
  • Proclamation issued by Governor of Nova Scotia invites New Englanders to settle there.