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1680s in Canada

1680s in Canada
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Events from the 1680s in Canada.


  • 1682: Robert Cavelier, sieur de la Salle reaches the mouth of the Mississippi River and claims the entire Mississippi Valley for France, naming the area Louisiana.
  • 1682: William Penn's treaty with the Delaware begins a period of friendly relations between the Quakers and Indians.
  • 1683: After the death of Louis XIV's brilliant minister, J. B. Colbert, France's interest in the colonies wanes.
  • c. 1685: In North America, the English and French vie for control.
  • 1685: LaSalle lands at Matagorda Bay, builds Fort St. Louis.
  • 1686: Mackinac region, Rooseboom and McGregor open trade but are seized by the French.
  • 1686: De Troyes and D'Iberville capture three English posts on James Bay (June–July).
  • 1686: King James II and Louis XIV sign neutrality pact handing forts of St. John's and Port Royal back to the French.
  • 1689-1697: King William's War (American counterpart of the War of the Grand Alliance in Europe) -- Abenakis, Penobscot, other New England tribes, attacked by English and their Iroquois allies. This is the first of the French-English wars for control of North America, continuing to 1763. During these wars, the Iroquois League generally sides with the English, and the Algonquian tribes with the French.
  • 1689: Nicolas Perrot formally claims upper Mississippi region for France.
  • 1689, 5 August: A raiding party of 1,500 Iroquois warriors kill 72 French settlers at Lachine in an event known as the Lachine massacre.