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In Norse mythology, Þrívaldi (anglicized as Thrívaldi or Thrivaldi), whose name means "thrice mighty", is a giant killed by Thor.

This fact is mentioned by Snorri Sturluson in the Skáldskaparmál (4), according to which "killer of Þrívaldi" ("vegandi Þrívalda") is a kenning for Thor. Snorri quotes one stanza by Bragi Boddason, who calls Thor "cleaver apart of Þrívaldi's nine heads"[1] ("sundrkljúfr níu höfða Þrívalda"), and another stanza by Vetrliði Sumarliðason who praises Thor for having battered ("lemja") Þrívaldi.

Þrívaldi is also listed in the þulur.


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