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Wikipedia Toolbar

What is the Wikipedia Toolbar?

The Wikipedia extension makes editing of Wikipedia pages easier by adding a new toolbar to your browser and by providing new menu items in the context menu (right mouse key). You can read more details, have a look at it or jump right to the installation.

Quick Features of Wikipieda Toolbar

  • Supports all standard MediaWiki formatting commands.
  • Formatting works on selected text or without any selection.
  • Commands available via toolbar and context menu.
  • Dialog based creation of tables, image links and links.
  • Many special characters available via a menu.
  • Locale specific templates with catagory grouping. (New!)
  • Site side template packs, that are for a certain site. (New!)
  • Either select large icons or small icons. (New!)
  • All WikiMedia wikis are preconfigured
  • User defined wikis and formats.
  • Fast switching between multiple Wikis.
  • Open all MediaWiki special pages from toolbar.
  • ... many many more features!

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