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MTA Cashless Tolling

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What Is Cashless Tolling?

Cashless tolling is a new form of toll collection now at all MTA tunnels and bridges. With cashless tolling, no one has to stop to pay tolls. Instead, all cars simply drive under a gantry, in any lane they choose.

If you have an E-ZPass tag in your car, sensors will read it and deduct the appropriate, discounted toll from your account. If you don’t have E-ZPass, cameras will photograph your license plate, and a bill for the non-discounted toll will be mailed to the registered owner of your vehicle. You also have the option to use our Pay Toll Now service to open a short-term account using your license plate and credit card.

Be sure to pay any “Tolls By Mail” bills you receive promptly, because people who don’t pay will be subject to fees of up to $100, registration suspension, and more.

Whichever way you choose to pay, cashless tolling means that no one has to slow down or stop to pay their tolls again – so all your trips can be faster, safer, and better for the environment.

3 Ways to Pay with Cashless Tolling

  1. E-ZPass – get E-ZPass here and save 30-50%
  2. Short Term Account – register here
  3. Bill in the Mail – answer your questions here

Quick Links

For customer service, call 1-800-333-TOLL(8655)

For assistance with tolls you receive in the mail, 1-844-TBM-8400 (826-8400)

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