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For more information, please contact:

Manager, Library Services

Azizah Abdul Aziz

[email protected]

Librarian, Library Services

Muhamed Amirfikri bin Mat Nasir

[email protected]

Acquisition/Government Liaison or

MQA and D-Setara Document

Normadina Abdul Razak

[email protected]


Farahaida binti Bahari

[email protected]


Nur Farizah binti Zulrafar

[email protected]

E-Resources/reference service :

Siti Hazwani Nur binti Hj.Sabarudin

[email protected]

UCSI College

Nur Shurbaniah Binti Saad

[email protected]


Norizan Hj. Zakaria

[email protected]


Dorothy Dzrandimay Desson

[email protected]

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