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Summer 2018

Celebrating Harvard Law School’s clinics and Students Practice Organizations

Fall 2017

Commemorating the Bicentennial of Harvard Law School

Spring 2017

They don’t all want to be immigration lawyers, but this year, hundreds of Harvard Law School students have made immigrant rights their business.

Fall 2016

Should the United States join the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Experts debate.

Spring 2016

Stories at the intersection of scholarship and practice—in health care, criminal justice,  cyberlaw,  and even the U.S. Supreme Court

Fall 2015

The Chief, Ten Years In: A tribute to John G. Roberts Jr. ’79 on his first decade as chief justice of the United States

Spring 2015

Prosecutor with a Calling | Loretta Lynch ’84 becomes the 83rd attorney general of the United States

Fall 2014

Working in the statehouse and the schoolhouse to change the paradigm for children who have experienced trauma

Summer 2014

Pay for Play: Suddenly the N.C.A.A. is forced to play defense in more than one court