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Traditional Arts from Tamilnadu.


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The Other “Boyhood” Movie and How It Got Made

By Tanya Pal

Nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture, Richard Linklater’s powerful film, “Boyhood”, starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette, has also been honored with endless and well-deserved…

Tamil Poet KTM Iqbal To Be Awarded Singapore’s Highest Cultural Award – Cultural Medallionn 2014

By Vipin Kumar

“My first love is poetry. We have been together for 60 years. I never imagined this would bring me the Cultural Medallion award.” said Mr. KTM Iqbal to the straight…

The Magic of Carnatic And Feel Of Music

By Siddharth Samson

Words cannot describe the beauty of Carnatic music and its essence. Generally when one listens to Carnatic music on disks or attends a musical concert, the aficionado gets pulled by…

Traditional Dance with a Dummy Horse Tied Around the Waist!

By Ram Subramanian

Folk arts typically closely represent the culture and heritage of a region. In Tamil Nadu, the dance form of Poikkal Kuthirai Aatam is one such art. Also called Puravai Aatam,…

Kolam: A Tradition Combining Art and Geometry to Form Colorful Patterns

By Ram Subramanian

Move through the streets of any village in Tamil Nadu, India, early in the morning, and try to find a home that does not have a beautiful pattern on the…

Story Telling with a Message Set to Music! By Ram Subramanian

Storytelling is an art form greatly revered by the Tamil people. The art of narrating tales…

Tamil Nadu’s Multimedia Paintings from the 16th Century By Ram Subramanian

Get ready to read about an amazing art form of Tamil Nadu. Experience a wonderful world…

Ancient Storehouse of Wisdom that is Relevant Today By Sonu Abraham

The Thirukural is one of the most valuable literary works in the…

Architectural Splendors Frozen in Stone By Sonu Abraham

The culture and the heritage of Tamil Nadu date back to ancient…

A Cure for The Drought: Rain Dance By Sonu Abraham

Tamilnadu is home to a rich tradition of arts. ‘Iyal, Isai, Nadagam’…

Varma Kalai – The Deadliest Martial Art By Kalpana Datta

Martial arts are codified systems of combat practices learnt for a variety…

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