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Apollodorus of Damascus, Romans (Photo Archive)

Apollodorus of Damascus

Roman Architect (1st/2nd century CE) Romans / Historical Persons

Apollodorus of Damascus (last 1st to early 2nd century CE) was a reknowned architect and engineer of the time of the emperor Trajan.

Apollodorus was supposedly born in Damascus in Syria, and he followed Trajan on the campaign in Dacia where he constructed bridges and machines of war. When Trajan became emperor he brought Apollodorus with him to Rome, and Apollodorus build most of the buildings and monuments ordered by Trajan, among these the Forum of Trajan with the Basilica Ulpia and the Column of Trajan, the Markets of Trajan, and the Baths of Trajan.

Apollodorus wrote a treatise on "Engines of War" which survives.



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