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Service rooms with geometric mosaics, Villa Romana del Casale (Photo Archive)

Service rooms with geometric mosaics

Offices, work rooms and kitchen Villa Romana del Casale / Piazza Armerina / Sicily / Italy

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The service rooms are four rooms of the Villa Romana del Casale. The rooms are located in the northern part of the villa, N. of the peristyle and E. of the thermal baths.

The mosaic from the first room

The rooms are normally assumed to be service rooms, such as work rooms for the slaves and kitchens.

The first room had the entrance from the peristyle, next to the door to the entrance to the baths. The room has a geometric mosaic with crosses formed by intertwined ribbons and circles with various geometric designs inside. The mosaics are fairly well preserved.

In one corner of the room the mosaics are destroyed. In the Arab or Norman era the remains of the villa was used for various types of production, and a kiln for burning ceramics was build in this room. This caused the total destruction of the mosaics in the corner just to the right of the entrance.

The room behind the first has a geometric mosaic, kept in red, green and white. A diagonal pattern of hexagons containing six pointed stars with six petalled stylised flowers inside, form on the outside four pointed stars with a square with guilloches inside, and squares containing circles with four petalled flowers. There are some fragments of wall paintings left.

The first and the fourth rooms

The third room from the peristyle was probably used as a kitchen. There are no mosaics, but in the back of the room is a basin or a raised bed for hot coals used for cooking. This room had a separate entrance, indicating that the villa had some outbuildings on the N. side.

The fourth room was entered from the peristyle, next door to the first room. The mosaic is a geometric design with six (3x2) octagons formed by two interwoven squares with different geometric figures inside. The spaces in between is filled with square and rhombic shapes. The mosaic is half destroyed but large elements survive, enough to give a good impression of the original appearance.

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