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Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina [Literature and Links - part 7 of 8] (Photo Archive)

Villa Romana del Casale

A luxurious Roman villa from around 320 CE Piazza Armerina / Sicily / Italy

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Literature on the Villa

Andrea Carandini: Filosofiana: la villa di Piazza Armerina: immagine di un aristocratico romano al tempo di Constantino, 2 vol, Flaccovio, Palermo, 1982. Also in English. (Volume 2 is a collection of pictures of almost every mosaic and fresco, even the ones the normal visitor cannot see.)

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Margaret Guido: Sicily: An Archaeological Guide: The Prehistoric and Roman Remains and the Greek Cities, Faber & Faber, 1977. Order from or

Gino Vinicio Gentili: The Imperial Villa of Piazza Armerina, Tipografia dello Stato, Rome, 1956 (tourist guide).

Gino Vinicio Gentili: La villa Erculia di Piazza Armerina. I mosaici figurati", Rome, 1959.

Biagio Pace: I mosaici di Piazza Armerina, Casini, Rome, 1955.

Antonino Ragona: Il proprietario della Villa romana di Piazza Armerina, Caltagirone, 1962.

R. J. A. Wilson: Piazza Armerina, University of Texas Press, 1983. (In English, highly recommended). Order from or

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Literature on Ancient Mosaics

Katherine M. D. Dunbabin: Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World, Cambridge University Press, 2001. Order from or

Roger Ling: Ancient Mosaics, Princeton University Press, 1998. Order from or

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The Perseus Digital Library: Piazza Armerina

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  4. The Mosaics
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  6. Visiting the Villa Romana del Casale
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