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Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina [Visiting the Villa Romana del Casale - part 6 of 8] (Photo Archive)

Villa Romana del Casale

A luxurious Roman villa from around 320 CE Piazza Armerina / Sicily / Italy

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Visiting the Villa Romana del Casale

As some of the photographs on this page show, it can be hard to take good pictures of the mosaics.

The Great Corridor with the visitors platforms

The visitors to the villa have to walk on catwalks mounted on top of the old walls of the villa. This protects the mosaics from wear and tear and often gives the visitor a much better impression of the images than one would have from the floor level, but the limited access as there are only platforms on some walls, means that many pictures are taken from strange angles and the perspective makes the mosaics look contorted and twisted. I have not tried to adjust this on the computer, since I am unsure about how realistic the modified pictures will be.

Dust tend to collect on the mosaics, and even though they are surely cleaned every so often, the fine dust covers the bright colours of the mosaics, making the mosaics look pale and colourless. The photographs on postcards and in tourist books are much more colourful, so they have either been manipulated on computer or a wet cloth has been passed over the mosaics before shooting. Watering mosaics brings out colours that can otherwise only be imagined.

The cover build over the villa lets the sun's light in through narrow openings, and these lines of sharp light show up on many pictures, adding to the contrast and making it harder to read the mosaics. I will have to go back there on a less sunny day (not that I mind :-)

The yellowish tint on some of the older photographs is caused by a poor camera with a poor flash.

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