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Roman Religion and Mythology, Lexicon (Photo Archive)

Roman Religion and Mythology

Short articles on divinities, myths and religious matters Lexicon Luna or the Moon

This section contains short explanatory articles on aspects of Roman religion and mythology that have been touched in other articles. This includes the major Roman gods and goddesses, important priesthoods, ancient traditions and explanation of religious terminology.

  • Unidentified statues - Photographs of statues and monuments of unidentified deities
  • Aeneas - Roman mythological figure
  • Aesculapius - God of healing and medicine
  • Apollo - The Romans imported the Greek god Apollo
  • Bacchus - God of wine and pleasure
  • Capitoline Triad - The union of the three most important Roman deities
  • Castor and Pollux - Proctectors of cavallery, horse races and the equestrian order
  • Ceres - Goddess for cereal crops and the regenerative forces of nature
  • Cupid - The god of love, son of Venus and Vulcan
  • Diana - The goddess of wild nature, hunting, chastity and marriage
  • Flamines - The flamines were the most important Roman priests
  • Flora - Goddess of spring and everythng that blooms
  • Hercules - God of vicotry and commercial activities
  • Isis - Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility
  • Janus - God of beginnings, gates, doorways and bridges
  • Juno - Ancient goddess of etruscan origin
  • Jupiter - God of the sky and head of the gods
  • Juturna - Water nymph and goddess of wells and springs
  • Lares - Guardian spirits of the household, of crossroads, of sailors ...
  • Mars - Roman god of war
  • Mercury - Messenger of the gods and god of trade, abundance and commercial success
  • Minerva - Goddess of crafts and trade guilds -- and war
  • Mithras - Persian god of Zoroastrian origin
  • Neptune - God of the sea
  • Ops - Goddess of abundance
  • Penates - Guardian spirits of the pantry
  • Pontifex maximus - The high priests of ancient Roman religion
  • Quirinus - Ancient god of war of Sabine origin
  • Rape of the Sabine Women - Myth about how the Romans abducted the women of the Sabines
  • Rex Sacrorum - The priest performing the religious duties of the king
  • Saturn - God of sowing and blight
  • Silvanus - God of uncultivated land, forests, hunting, agriculture and boundaries
  • Templum vs. Aedes - Differences in ancient and modern use of the word 'temple'
  • Venus - Goddess of love, beauty and prostitutes
  • Vesta - Goddess of the hearth
  • Vestal Virgins - The only female priesthood in Rome
  • Victoria - Godess of victory
  • Vulcan - God of fire and metal working


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