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Jens Galschøt: My Inner Beast, Rådhuspladsen (Photo Archive)

Jens Galschøt: My Inner Beast

Provocative sculptures placed on the square in Dec. 2002 Rådhuspladsen / Copenhagen / Denmark

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These scuptures of a pig in human guise is meant to remind us of the lesser pleasant parts of the human nature we are all carriers of. We all have a beast inside, and we shouldn't feed it.

They were placed in the central square of Copenhagen for a few days of December 2002 during the final summit of the Danish presidency of the European Union.

From the artists homepage:

- A happening carried out by Jens Galschiøt in '93. In twenty cities a sculpture of a pig in human clothes was set up as a symbol of the increasing racism. The sculptures were mounted without the knowledge of the authorities in 20 big cities all over Europe.


Photo gallery of 14 pictures for "Jens Galschøt: My Inner Beast"

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