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Fires of Rome (Photo Archive)

Fires of Rome

An account of the fires that hit ancient Rome

This is an attempt at compiling a list of the fires that ravaged Rome in antiquity.

The list is by no means complete and comments are always welcome.

580 BCE (approx)

A fire in the nascent Forum Romanum destroys part of the Comitium.

390 BCE - Sack of the Gauls

Rome sacked and burned by the Gauls.

83 BCE - Capitoline Hill

The temple of Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus was destroyed.

52 BCE

The Curia Hostilia is burned down during the funerals of P. Clodius Pulcher.

14 BCE

Fire in the Forum Romanum. The Basilica Julia and Temple of Castor and Pollux burned down.

9 CE - Forum Romanum

64 CE - The Great Fire of Rome

69 CE - Capitoline Hill

?? CE - Campus Martius

80 CE - Capitoline Hill

191 CE

283 CE - Forum Romanum and Caesar's Forum

The W. end of the Forum Romanum and the Forum of Caesar was damaged.

410 CE

Rome was sacked by Alaric and much of the Forum Romanum destroyed.


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