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Can I use the photographs? (Photo Archive)

Can I use the photographs?

Using the photographs in printed publications and on other web-sites

The photographs on this site are taken by several persons and each photograph is the intellectual property of its author.

Individual photographs can be used for non-commercial purposes without prior written permission, if the author of the photograph is given due credit. The author of each photograph on this site is indicated at the bottom of the photograph's page.

Commercial use of the photographs will require the explicit consent of the authors.

The authors of the photographs can be contacted by using the "Comments" link to the right.

Can I use the photographs in printed publications?

Almost all the photographs on this site are made with digital cameras, so there is no film. They only exist in digital form. It is possible to produce colour slides from digital images. Please see the page on paper prints and colour slides.

The quality of digital photography is not quite as good as that of traditional photography, so the photographs might not be usable in printed publications. It might be necessary to talk to the printers first to see if the quality of the photographs is sufficient for the intended purpose.

Photographs taken after July 2001 are normally in JPEG format, 1600×1200 pixels, with a size of approximately 450kb. These photographs might be usable for printing, depending on the required quality.

Photographs from before July 2001 are taken with an older camera. They are in JPEG format, 640×480 pixels, with a size of approximately 150kb. It is very unlikely that these photographs are suitable for printing, except in very small sizes.

The JPEG format is not loss-less, meaning that each time the photograph is manipulated it looses some precision. Therefore printing should be based on the off-the-camera copy of the photograph. These are not always accessible from the web-site, but links can be provided on request.

The best available version of a photograph is found by going to the page of the photograph and following the link "View original" below the displayed image. The full-size photograph will be displayed in a new window. If no such link is found, the full-size photograph is not online or the image displayed is the full-size photograph.

Can I use the photographs on other web-sites?

Yes, you can use the photographs on your own web-sites.

The preferred way is to link to the page for the photograph, which has an URL starting with This will give the user access to related photographs and explanations on this site.

If photographs are used inline on other web-sites the images should be linked to the corresponding page on this web-site, if possible. In any case, due credit to its author must be given clearly on the site.

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