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Photo: Tabularium (Photo Archive)


2002-08-30 16:03:30 Tabularium / Capitolium / Rome / Italy

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Photograph taken at location:

  • Tabularium (Capitolium, Rome, Italy)

    The Tabularium is at the western extreme of the Forum Romanum, behind the Temple of Concord, the Temple of Vespasian and Titus and the Portico of the Dii Consentes. It is build on the side of the Capitoline Hill … [Read more]

On this photograph:

  • Clivus Capitolinus (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Clivus Capitolinus was the road that connected the Forum Romanum with the Capitoline Hill. It started in the SW. corner of the main square of the Forum, turned right before the Temple of Saturn and then left around it, passing in front of the Temple of Vespasian and Titus and the Portico of the Dei Consentes, before climbing the hill towards the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus … [Read more]

  • Portico of the Dei Consentes (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Portico of the Dei Consentes (Porticus Deorum Consentium) was a sanctuary for the twelve major gods and goddesses of the Roman pantheon, maybe in the style of the Greek dodecatheon. The portico is located on the slope of the Capitoline Hill towards the Forum Romanum, on the Clivus Capitolinus in a corner between the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Vespasian and Titus. The remains of the portico was first found in 1834, and during restorations of 1858 some of the columns were re-erected … [Read more]

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