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Sites on Roman Culture

Lacus Curtius
Major site on ancient Rome: 1400+ pages, 50 maps, over 900 photos and drawings of Roman monuments; full texts of Pliny, Dio, Vitruvius, Frontinus, Quintus Curtius, Macrobius, Censorinus; 5 books on Roman roads and the city of Rome, Ptolemy's Geography; etc.
HistoPortal - World History search
Search world history by century, country, historical figures, also fashion history, mythology, wars, ancient history, movies, monuments, women's history, the law, religion and mysteries.
Roman Archaeology
The Amazing Worlds of Archaeology, Anthropology, & Ancient Civilizations.
Roman 365
Returning Roman History to the Living Roman Empire!

A web resource guide to architecture which includes links to major sites in history, theory, and design. Famous architects.
The Great Buildings Collection
Architecture around the world and across history, in an online multimedia encyclopedia of world architecture, documenting 1200 buildings and architects from around the world and across history with text, photos, and live 3D models.

Sites with online photographs
Pictures of Rome taken with a digital camera between September 15th and 25th 2001
Virtual ROMA
Website dedicated to the ancient city called Rome whose inhabitants, a very long time ago, considered Caput Mundi ("head of the world"), simply referring to it as Urbs ("the city"); they measured time ab urbe condita ("since the city was founded"), therefore their year 1 corresponded to year 753 BC of the present western dating system.

Other useful sites - Italie
Useful Italian links (in Dutch)

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