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The Cameras Used (Photo Archive)

The Cameras Used

Description of the cameras used to take the photographs

Digital cameras are great fun. It's easy, it's fast, it's cheap. In no time one has a few thousands photos, and not the faintest clue as to what or who is on which photos.

Since I bought my first digital camera in late 1998 I have taken more than 6000 photos, several thousands of them are available on this site.

This page describes the cameras used to take most of the photographs.

Olympus C-700UZ

I bought this camera in July 2001 so the bulk of the pictures in the database are still taken with the old camera.

The Olympus C-700UZ is a 2.1 Mpixel camera, offering various resolutions up to 1600x1280 in JPEG og TIFF formats. It has a 10x optical zoom and 2.7x digital zoom.

The C-700UZ uses SmartMedia flash memory cards.

The camera uses a USB interface. Once connected to the computer it behaves as a removable disk and the pictures can be opened or copied with any program.

Linux: the camera is an USB storage class device so it uses the usb-storage driver. The camera appears as a SCSI disk, normally on /dev/sda1. Once attached the camera can be mounted as a vfat file system.

Technical specifications: Olympus.

Review: The Digital Camera Resource Page

Agfa ePhoto 780

This is a fairly old camera. I have had this camera since November 1998, so I have several thousands picture taken with it.

The ePhoto 780 is a 0.35 Mpixel camera, capable of 640x480 resolution. Windows software can extrapolate these pictures up to 1024x768 pixels. Image format is JPEG. It is an absolutely no-frills camera, with no zoom or other adjustments.

The ePhoto 780 uses SmartMedia flash memory cards, but only up to 8Mb.

Picture are copied to the computer via a serial cable.

When used with the build in flash pictures get a yellowish colouring as can be seen on a lot of the indoors pictures on this site.

The Agfa ePhoto line has been discontinued.

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