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Metasploit Stats

Open Pull Requests by date

Top committers this last month

William Vu (87) Metasploit (51) Brent Cook (43) Wei Chen (36) Jacob Robles (28) Dhiraj Mishra (21) bwatters-r7 (18) Matthew Kienow (17) Tim W (16) Erin Bleiweiss (13) Shelby Pace (13) h00die (12) Brendan Coles (12) Green-m (9) Pyriphlegethon (6) Jeffrey Martin (5) AverageSecurityGuy (4) Adam Cammack (3) Thomas Gregory (3) Mostafa Hussein (3) Tod Beardsley (3) Nate Caroe (3) Brendan (2) OJ (2) asoto-r7 (2) Delfan Azhar Andhika (2) Christian Mehlmauer (2) Ivo Nutár (2) bwatters (1) Kent 'picat' Gruber (1) jgor (1) modpr0be (1) space-r7 (1) Rob (1) Fabio Poloni (1) sinn3r (1) Carter Brainerd (1) Auxilus (1) Patrick DeSantis (1) amaloteaux (1) Rich Whitcroft (1)

Top items this last week

New Open Pull Requests

Check out some of the new Open Pull Requests for this week! Added module TARGETURI support. 2018-10-18T16:57:32+00:00 aushack git submodule url exec (CVE-2018-17456) 2018-10-18T03:53:06+00:00 timwr Update ruby version 2018-10-17T22:52:41+00:00 FireFart database host info from post modules 2018-10-17T16:48:10+00:00 h00die Add post module windows persistent service 2018-10-17T10:52:58+00:00 Green-m Enhance windows compiler 2018-10-17T09:48:12+00:00 Green-m [WIP] libssh Authentication Bypass 2018-10-17T06:36:37+00:00 wvu-r7 ssh_login* now populates the os_name field 2018-10-17T02:13:06+00:00 h00die Move exploit/unix/misc/qnx_qconn_exec to exploit/qnx/qconn_exec 2018-10-16T16:14:44+00:00 bcoles Support 32bit iPhones on the webkit_trident exploit 2018-10-15T09:16:43+00:00 timwr add loginscanner timing options 2018-10-12T15:37:43+00:00 rwhitcroft Update msfvenom format CLI parameter to be case insensitive 2018-10-12T15:17:31+00:00 kkirsche Update Net::SSH::CommandStream exception handling 2018-10-19T03:49:09+00:00 wvu-r7 Add PTY option to Net::SSH::CommandStream 2018-10-17T20:24:31+00:00 wvu-r7 Disable ERB templating for Metasploit::Framework::Compiler::Utils 2018-10-16T19:03:32+00:00 wchen-r7 add bg command to meterpreter 2018-10-16T14:07:25+00:00 rwhitcroft 4.x 2018-10-13T05:47:57+00:00 meetsrihari

New Open Features and Enhancements

Check out some of the new Open Features and Enhancements for this week! Code-signing the iOS builds 2018-10-16T09:10:16+00:00 timwr

New Open Bugs

Check out some of the new Open Bugs for this week! WINDOWS Needing to run msfdb reinit before every run of msfconsole 2018-10-14T07:03:47+00:00 dotaxis