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Metasploit Stats

Open Pull Requests by date

Top committers this last month

Matthew Kienow (37) Brent Cook (30) James Barnett (24) Jacob Robles (19) Jeffrey Martin (15) phra (14) Brendan Coles (10) Erin Bleiweiss (9) h00die (9) Metasploit (9) Wei Chen (7) William Vu (7) asoto-r7 (6) Quentin Kaiser (5) jbarnett-r7 (3) Shelby Pace (3) bwatters (3) Qazeer (3) Green-m (3) bwatters-r7 (2) Pernat1y (2) @shellfail (2) Mehmet İnce (2) Tim W (2) Alex (2) bcoles (2) Clément Notin (2) Brendan (1) Sonny Gonzalez (1) Jon Hart (1) L (1) Adam Cammack (1) Charlie van Rantwijk (1) sinn3r (1) Thibault Miranda de Oliveira (1)

Top items this last week

New Open Pull Requests

Check out some of the new Open Pull Requests for this week! Add exploit for Nuuo CMS arbitrary file download 2019-01-21T10:22:06+00:00 pedrib Add exploit for Nuuo CMS SQL injection 2019-01-21T10:16:21+00:00 pedrib Add Nuuo CMS session bruteforcing module 2019-01-21T10:13:32+00:00 pedrib Add Nuuo CMS file upload exploit (CVE-2018-17936) 2019-01-21T10:10:14+00:00 pedrib Add new mixin for Nuuo models 2019-01-21T10:04:21+00:00 pedrib Attribution 2019-01-20T09:08:21+00:00 bcoles Support to retrieve data from ListConfigFiles SAP webmethod 2019-01-19T16:42:46+00:00 spinfoo Horde IMP imap_open exploit 2019-01-19T00:46:19+00:00 h00die WIP: Update Travis CI to run remote data service spec tests 2019-01-18T18:49:54+00:00 mkienow-r7 Fix typo of "architectures" in pivot command help 2019-01-18T02:22:19+00:00 wvu-r7 Prefer Tempfile over Rex::Quickfile for info -d 2019-01-17T20:18:51+00:00 wvu-r7 Implement resource scripting for command shells 2019-01-17T19:46:30+00:00 wvu-r7 Fix Miscellaneous Loot Bugs 2019-01-16T21:42:07+00:00 jbarnett-r7 set AndroidWakelock=true by default 2019-01-16T11:20:53+00:00 timwr WIP: jtr_* modernizations 2019-01-15T13:17:40+00:00 h00die Integrate Invoke-BloodHound 2019-01-14T23:33:49+00:00 phra Add PSH generation methods to Util::Exe 2019-01-14T23:09:03+00:00 sempervictus Integrate PowerView's Invoke-Kerberoast 2019-01-14T22:13:28+00:00 phra Pass down workspace too report_web_site 2019-01-19T21:12:08+00:00 agaryen Support to retrieve data from ListConfigFiles webmethod using SAP Management Console 2019-01-19T13:53:03+00:00 spinfoo Fix failing remote data service spec tests for Msf::DBManager::Cred 2019-01-18T17:51:48+00:00 mkienow-r7 Update java_deserialization_spec to rescue the right exception 2019-01-16T16:50:47+00:00 wchen-r7 ms17_010_psexec: fix RHOST in "authenticating..." message 2019-01-16T10:26:08+00:00 cnotin uppercase KoreLogic in JTR modules 2019-01-15T13:05:51+00:00 h00die Improve msfdb's rackup file use to work independent of the framework directory location 2019-01-15T04:47:38+00:00 mkienow-r7 add max_length to wordlist generation 2019-01-15T03:28:29+00:00 h00die Assign CVE-2018-11770 to exploits/linux/http/spark_unauth_rce 2019-01-14T21:13:09+00:00 wchen-r7 make Gemfile.lock reference 1.x compatible version 2019-01-14T23:31:33+00:00 jmartin-r7 update rvm signing key for more compatibility 2019-01-21T04:35:37+00:00 jmartin-r7 added a check for win7 and server 2012-2019 2019-01-20T03:33:24+00:00 usmcfiredog do not trust default uploaded windows.iso 2019-01-17T15:01:57+00:00 jmartin-r7 Integrate PowerShell Protections Bypass 2019-01-19T18:33:32+00:00 phra Explicitly reference System.* 2019-01-14T22:18:25+00:00 phra Explicitly reference System.* 2019-01-14T21:35:47+00:00 phra

New Open Features and Enhancements

Check out some of the new Open Features and Enhancements for this week! Integrate PowerShell Security Bypasses into web_delivery 2019-01-19T18:30:19+00:00 phra

New Open Bugs

Check out some of the new Open Bugs for this week! auxiliary/client/smtp/emailer uses system() to zip files 2019-01-20T03:00:00+00:00 bcoles