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Quik Trim

Quik Trim

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The Quik Trim analog computer was developed in 1977 for Piper and Cessna single engine aircraft. The purpose of the computer was to enable pilots to quickly and easily establish the center of gravity of their loaded aircraft. This also enabled the pilot to easily determine visually if the center of gravity was within the limits established by the aircraft manufacturer.

Shown to the left is the front face of the model for the Piper Aircraft PA-28-151 and PA-28-161.

The slider, shown on the left, is constrained and moves horizontally and vertically on the face of the computer. Weight for the various loads (pilot and front passenger, rear passengers, fuel and baggage) are marked. The final mark indicates the center of gravity of the loaded aircraft. If this mark is outside the red envelop, then the center of gravity is outside of the limits for the aircraft, and flying the aircraft could result in loss of control. Fuel, passengers or baggage would have to be removed to ensure that the center of gravity remained within the red envelop established by the aircraft manufacturer.

The analog computer had some advantages at the time it was developed. Digital computers were not prevalent and the only viable alternative was pencil and paper. The alternative method could be laborious and time consuming, especially if the desired load configuration resulted in the center of gravity exceeding the established limits for the aircraft.  In the latter case, the computations would have to be repeated for several cases to determine a load configuration that remained within the limits and allowed adequate fuel, passengers and baggage. The analog computer made the repeated computations not only easy, but the visual nature of the computer made the effects on the center of gravity of changing fuel, passenger or baggage loads immediately obvious. Thus, trade-offs could be accomplished quickly and easily. This facilitated center of gravity calculations and ensured that they would be made and not skipped as too onerous and time consuming.

After the introduction of the personal computer, the use of software available for center of gravity computations made the task easier.  However, initally, the personal computer didn't really make the task of the computation of the center of gravity much easier. The computations were done by the personal computer, but the adjustment of the loads if the center of gravity exceeded limits still required the pilot change the load figures and re-compute the center of gravity. Again, this was an adjust and re-try process. The pilot had no visual indication of the effect of an adjustment. With the introduction of the Graphical Interface for the personal computer, this changed. The graphical interface could be programmed to imitate the process of the analog computer to provide the pilot with immediate and obvious feedback on the effects of changing any particular load.

The analog computer still has an enormous advantage over the digital computer: portability. The analog computer, including protective case and written instructions, weighs approximately two ounces, can be kept in the aircraft at all times in a seat pocket, requires no electrical power source and only a #2 lead pencil is required for its use.

Questions  and comments concerning the Quik Trim analog computer should be sent to the webmaster at the address below. Questions concerning developing one for a particular aircraft model should be sent to the webmaster at the address below. Thank you .

Web Master
Exact Instructions for using QUIK TRIM weight and Balance Computer are available here.

NOTE for MicroSoft Windows Users
If you want to port QTAwk, QTGrep or QTCrypt to MicroSoft Windows, I have had communications with several users who desired MicroSoft Windows versions. To date nobody seems to have been able to successfully port this software to MicroSoft Windows. At least they have not communicated to me that they have succeeded and I have no experience in programming for MicroSoft Windows or desire to do so.

I suggest a different method Run the programs in a Linux guest OS running in a virtual computer running in a MicroSoft Windows host OS. Oracle Virtual Box is an excellent choice. It affords running your MicroSoft Windows OS and a Linux distribution OS of your choice simultaneously. You can switch between each OS with a simple mouse click or keyboard strokes. No dual boot necessary. Communication between both OSs and file sharing is possible and easy. I highly recommend Ubuntu or Kubuntu for MicroSoft Windows users who wish to use Linux software.

Additional Resources:

  1. QTAwk - Latest version date: April 14, 2014, Version 3.01 (Linux). Bug Fix.
  2. QTAwk version 3.01 Source Code, April 14, 2014. Bug Fix
  3. QTAwk version 3.00 Source Code: Dec 02, 2013. Note: the modules have not been updated to version 3 yet.

    Major changes:

    1. New string construct. QTAwk no longer uses C language strings. This allows the null character, '0x000', to be used as a valid string character.
    2. Input records are limited in length only by available memory. The previous arbitrary input record length limit has been eliminated.
  4. QTGrep  - Latest version date: Jan 4, 2014, Version 5.10
  5. QTGrep - Version 5.10 Source Code: Jan 4, 2014

    Major changes.

    1. New string construct, no longer uses C language strings. This allows the null character, '0x000', to used as a valid string character.
    2. Input records are limited in length only by available memory.
  6. QTcrypt  - Latest version date: Nov 10, 2005, Version 6.00 (Linux)
    1. Major changes - added Tiger Hash all signatures utilize multiple hashes for added security.
    2. Finally Works - many changes and additions from all previous versions.
      • Fix bug in 'i' option for qtencode/qtdecode.
      • Add two directives for configuration file (Feb. 5, 2005)
    3. Feb. 17,2005 - Now two versions.
      • One uses the GNU Multiple Precision Arthimetic Library, GMP, and,
      • the other uses the MIRACL library by Shamus Software.
      The GNU GMP version is totally uder the GPL. Both versions are at version number 4.00. The GMP version executables are slightly smaller than the MIRACL version executables. I could detect no difference in speed between the two. Note that the GMP library or the MIRACL library are only used by the Digital Signature functions. Otherwise there is no difference between the two versions.
    4. Updated 'qtcalc_file_hash' application to check hashes also. Use 'c' or 'r' command line option to check hashes instead of computing hashes. qtcalc_file_hash executable now included in tar/bzip2 exectable file.
  7. Calender (1800 - 2100)

Suggestions for features for QTawk and/or QTgrep may be sent to the Web Master, see link above.

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