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Mihaela Pirvu | Lyrics Translate

Mihaela Pirvu

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Lyricstranslate Like Page 28k likes Site activity New request Laging Tapat Filipino/Tagalog → English New translation Să mă-ndrăgostesc iar English → Romanian New explanation of idiom I never heard this idiom in this way. "tira più un pelo(due peli) di fica ..." sounds better... Italian → English New comment Traducerea este bunå, dar cititorii români trebuie så stie despre jocul de cuvinte. Denaro = bani ...  more New comment Unpublished for there is no lyrics. Please use this form if you don't have the lyrics: http://...  more New comment Mulțumesc! Cineva a modificat versurile fără să anunțe modificările făcute pentru ca așa cum ...  more New comment I don't see any correction. "Lateme" is a mistake!  more New comment I never heard this idiom in Italian. Are you sure it exists? Anyway, "Pasqua" needs a "q".   more New comment The very idiom is: "can che abbaia non morde"  more New comment You have alreadi put it in the correct version(singular): "fuoco di paglia"  more Trending Now View more site stats
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