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Lyricstranslate Like Page 31k likes Site activity New translation The Girl of My Heart Hindi → English New request Qǐng jì zhù wǒ | 請記住我 [Remember me] (Putonghua) Chinese → English New vote Qǐng jì zhù wǒ | 請記住我 [Remember me] (Putonghua) Transcription request fulfilled Je t'aime un point c'est tout French New translation King of the Abyss, Make Haste Italian → English New comment Is it possible to add this two songs?  more New collection item Zehn kleine Jägermeister in Karnevalslieder New comment Пиши по-русски, если хочешь быть понятным русским людям. А иначе - в мусор все твои глупые мыслишки...  more Transcription request fulfilled Abbracciame Neapolitan New request Wǒ de róngyào láizì zuò gè yīnyuè jiā | 我的榮耀來自做個音樂家 [Proud Corazón] (Putonghua) Chinese → English
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