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Wikidata:Community portal

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Welcome to Wikidata's community portal! General discussion Project chat
General discussion about the project Requests for comment
Discussion requests for specific topics Contact the development team
Bug reports to the developers Requests Request a query
Requests for Wikidata SPARQL queries Interwiki conflicts
Report problems with content on other wikis Bot requests
Requests for tasks to be done by a bot Wikidata:Property proposal
Propose the creation of a property Administrators' noticeboard
Reporting vandalism, requesting page protections, etc. Translators' noticeboard
Report a translation problem, ask to mark a page for translation Bureaucrats' noticeboard
Requesting for flood flag, etc. Requests for deletions
Deletion requests of items and pages Properties for deletion
Deletion requests of properties Wikidata:Requests for permissions
Permissions requests for trusted users in the community Other Weekly Summary
Weekly newsletter about the Wikidata world. You can also participate in the next edition Wikidata:List of properties
List of properties Wikidata:List of policies and guidelines
List of policies and guidelines Tools
Tools and scripts to use around Wikidata Wikidata:Accessibility
Accessibility recommendations Wikidata:Events
Contributor meetings, workshops, conferences Getting started Wikidata:Introduction
Some general information about Wikidata Wikidata:Glossary
Learn commonly known terms Wikidata Tours
Get in touch with the edit interface Wikidata:Contribute
Find out how to contribute Wikidata:Data donation
Data donations WikiProjects Wikidata:WikiProjects WikiProjects are groups of contributors who want to work together as a team to improve Wikidata! Groups can focus on a specific topic area (for example, astronomy) or a specific kind of task (for example, solving problems related to disambiguation pages). Join an existing WikiProject or start your own. Sister Projects Wikidata:Sister projectsThe Wikidata:Sister projects portal is for discussion and planning of deployment of Wikidata on sister projects. Here for a specific project? Looking for ways to get involved? Click on a project below to get started:

 Wikipedia     Wikivoyage    Wikimedia Commons     Wikisource     Wikiquote     Wikinews     Wikispecies     Wiktionary     Wikibooks     Wikiversity     Meta-Wiki     MediaWiki     Incubator

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