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Introduction about Wikidata About data
A beginner-friendly overview of structured data Wikidata Tours
Interactive tutorials to show you how Wikidata works Frequently Asked Questions
Some frequently asked questions Glossary of Wikidata
The list of terminology used by Wikidata Notability
Notability guidelines Data access
Access and use data Navigating Wikidata
Understand, search and navigate the site User Options
Creating and configuring your user account Multilingual
Multilingual support and content translation Wikidata Query
Learn how to query the data Contribute
Find out how to contribute More experienced Items
Guidelines for items, the basic units of Wikidata Lexemes
Intro to lexemes, the lexicographical units of Wikidata Label
Guidelines for labels Description
Guidelines for descriptions Aliases
Guidelines for aliases Properties
Understanding properties Statements
Guidelines for statements Ranking
Help with ranking statements Qualifiers
Guidelines for qualifying statements Sources
Guidelines for sourcing statements Authority control
Guidelines for linking and updating Authority control Sitelinks
Guidelines for sitelinks Property Constraints
Guidelines for using property constraints Community Community portal
Wikidata's community portal Project chat
General discussion about the project Tools
List of tools you can use to work Administrators
Information about the project's administrators Bureaucrats
Information about the project's bureaucrats Translation administrators
Information about the project's translation administrators Property creators
Information about the project's property creators Bot operators
Information about bot accounts and the approval process Database download
Information on how to download the database Question not answered? Ask a human over live chat, in the project chat or email Retrieved from "[]" Categories:

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