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database (Q8513)

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LanguageLabelDescriptionAlso known asEnglishdatabase organized collection of data
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subclass of collection of data set 1 reference retrieved 1 June 2019 work 0 references product 0 references part of host 0 references image Database.svg
744 × 1,052; 55 KB 0 references pronunciation audio LL-Q188 (deu)-Sebastian Wallroth-Datenbank.wav
1.2 s; 115 KB language of work or name German 0 references uses logical database model 0 references Stack Exchange tag [] 0 references has part data 0 references integrity constraints 0 references data base 0 references data dictionary 0 references database management system 0 references record 0 references said to be the same as data base 0 references Commons category Databases 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Spanish Wikipedia topic's main template Template:Databases 0 references Template:Database 1 reference inferred from Template:Database topic's main category Category:Databases 0 references Wikimedia outline outline of databases 0 references


GND ID 4113276-2 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project German Wikipedia Library of Congress authority ID sh99001528 0 references National Diet Library ID 00865521 0 references Basisklassifikation 54.64 mapping relation type close match 0 references MeSH descriptor ID D019991 named as Database 0 references D019992 named as Databases as Topic 0 references Freebase ID /m/02bc6 1 reference stated in Freebase Data Dumps publication date 28 October 2013 Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID 0221295 0 references 0221296 0 references 0221363 0 references BNCF Thesaurus ID 3181 0 references File Format Wiki page ID Databases 0 references Quora topic ID Databases-2 1 reference stated in Quora JSTOR topic ID databases 0 references database-management-systems 0 references UNESCO Thesaurus ID concept501 0 references subreddit Database language of work or name English 1 reference retrieved 6 May 2018 U.S. National Archives Identifier 10634624 0 references Getty AAT ID 300028543 0 references BabelNet ID 00025333n 1 reference stated in BabelNet Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID 1845378 0 references Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms ID gf2014026081 0 references PACTOLS thesaurus ID pcrt1t50zTAfPG 0 references IAB code 611 0 references Cultureel Woordenboek ID techologie-en-techniek/database 0 references ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID 352624647 1 reference stated in ASC Leiden Thesaurus dataset of 5 June 2018 retrieved 13 June 2018 TDKIV term ID 000000089 0 references Store norske leksikon ID database mapping relation type exact match 0 references Techopedia ID 1185 0 references Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID technology/database 0 references PhilPapers topic databases 0 references Australian Educational Vocabulary ID scot/4822 0 references Zhihu topic ID 19552067 0 references MeSH code V02.300 0 references L01.313.500.750.300.188 0 references L01.470.750 0 references Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging 13673 0 references Microsoft Academic ID 77088390 0 references French Vikidia ID Base_de_données 0 references EuroVoc ID 4821 0 references YSO ID 3056 1 reference stated in YSO-Wikidata linking  


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