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Mercedes-Benz (Q36008)

From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search automobile brand of Daimler AG
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes
edit LanguageLabelDescriptionAlso known asEnglishMercedes-Benz automobile brand of Daimler AG
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes


instance of automobile marque 0 references logo image Mercedes-Benz Logo 2010.svg
210 × 53; 320 KB 0 references image Stuttgart, Germany (3431696457).jpg
2,592 × 1,944; 1.92 MB 0 references industry automotive industry 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Portuguese Wikipedia inception 1926 0 references named after Mercédès Jellinek 0 references Karl Benz 0 references founded by Paul Daimler 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project French Wikipedia country Germany 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Polish Wikipedia Wikimedia import URL [] parent organization Daimler AG 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Russian Wikipedia headquarters location Stuttgart coordinate location

48°46'37.52"N, 9°11'0.20"E 1 reference GRID ID grid.71377.35 product or material produced truck 0 references car 0 references IPv6 routing prefix 2003:d3:811::/48 1 reference reference URL [] official website [] 0 references [] applies to jurisdiction United Kingdom 0 references [] applies to jurisdiction United States of America 0 references [] applies to jurisdiction Spain 0 references Commons gallery Mercedes-Benz 0 references Commons category Mercedes-Benz 0 references topic's main category Category:Mercedes-Benz 0 references has part Mercedes-Benz in motorsport 0 references different from Mercedes-Benz Cars 0 references WMI code WDB 0 references WDD 0 references WordLift URL [] 1 reference reference URL []


Freebase ID /m/052mx 1 reference stated in Freebase Data Dumps publication date 28 October 2013 GND ID 4038692-2 0 references client ID mercedes-benz 0 references Facebook ID MercedesBenz 0 references Quora topic ID Mercedes-Benz-car-company 1 reference stated in Quora ITU/ISO/IEC object identifier 1 reference reference URL [] retrieved 8 March 2017 Giphy username mercedesbenz 0 references Instagram username mercedesbenz 0 references Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID technology/Mercedes-Benz 0 references GRID ID grid.71377.35 1 reference stated in GRID Release 2016-12-06 YouTube channel ID UClj0L8WZrVydk5xKOscI6-A 0 references The Trading Card Database person ID 85850 0 references Politika topic 24 0 references OpenCorporates ID de/B8534_HRB762873 1 reference retrieved 23 February 2019 Zhihu topic ID 19575420 2 references reference URL [] retrieved 15 April 2019 reference URL [] retrieved 15 April 2019 Twitter username MercedesBenz 0 references ROR ID 055rn2a38 0 references TikTok username mercedesbenz 0 references  


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