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ninth season of The Simpsons (Q1670746)

From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search season of television series edit LanguageLabelDescriptionAlso known asEnglishninth season of The Simpsons season of television series


    instance of television series season 0 references part of The Simpsons 0 references part of the series The Simpsons follows eighth season of The Simpsons followed by tenth season of The Simpsons series ordinal 9 0 references original network Fox Broadcasting Company 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project English Wikipedia country of origin United States of America 0 references original language of film or TV show English 0 references number of episodes 25 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project English Wikipedia start time 21 September 1997 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project German Wikipedia Wikimedia import URL [] end time 17 May 1998 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project German Wikipedia Wikimedia import URL [] Filmiroda rating Category II rating certificate ID F/11185/A 0 references has part The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson series ordinal 1 0 references The Principal and the Pauper series ordinal 2 0 references Lisa's Sax series ordinal 3 0 references Treehouse of Horror VIII series ordinal 4 0 references The Cartridge Family series ordinal 5 0 references Bart Star series ordinal 6 0 references The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons series ordinal 7 0 references Lisa the Skeptic series ordinal 8 0 references Realty Bites series ordinal 9 0 references Miracle on Evergreen Terrace series ordinal 10 0 references All Singing, All Dancing series ordinal 11 0 references Bart Carny series ordinal 12 0 references The Joy of Sect series ordinal 13 0 references Das Bus series ordinal 14 0 references The Last Temptation of Krust series ordinal 15 0 references Dumbbell Indemnity series ordinal 16 0 references Lisa the Simpson series ordinal 17 0 references This Little Wiggy series ordinal 18 0 references Simpson Tide series ordinal 19 0 references The Trouble with Trillions series ordinal 20 0 references Girly Edition series ordinal 21 0 references Trash of the Titans series ordinal 22 0 references King of the Hill series ordinal 23 0 references Lost Our Lisa series ordinal 24 0 references Natural Born Kissers series ordinal 25 0 references


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