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Quora topic ID (P3417)

From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search identifier for a topic on Quora (English language version)
  • Quora topic identifier
  • Quora topic name
edit LanguageLabelDescriptionAlso known asEnglishQuora topic ID identifier for a topic on Quora (English language version)
  • Quora topic identifier
  • Quora topic name

Data type

External identifier


instance of Wikidata property for an identifier that does not imply notability 0 references Wikidata property for authority control, with reciprocal use of Wikidata 0 references Wikidata property related to online communities 0 references issued by Quora 0 references subject item of this property Quora 0 references Wikidata property example Wikidata Quora topic ID Wikidata 0 references Tim Berners-Lee Quora topic ID Tim-Berners-Lee 0 references Douglas Adams Quora topic ID Douglas-Adams-4 0 references formatter URL$1 0 references format as a regular expression [^\s\/]+ 0 references source website for the property [] 0 references property usage tracking category Category:Pages using Wikidata property P3417 0 references see also Quora username 0 references Yahoo Answers category 1 reference Wikimedia import URL [] property proposal discussion [] 0 references mix'n'match catalogue ID 319 0 references


property constraint distinct values constraint exception to constraint university college medicine health care salary wage pashmina pashmina 0 references property scope constraint constraint status mandatory constraint property scope as main value as references 0 references format constraint format as a regular expression [^\s\/.?#&:;^$£€%§]+ constraint status mandatory constraint 0 references Retrieved from "[]"

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