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URL (P2699)

From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search location of a resource
  • Uniform Resource Locator
edit LanguageLabelDescriptionAlso known asEnglishURL location of a resource
  • Uniform Resource Locator

Data type



instance of Wikidata property related to data communication, storage, and retrieval 0 references subject item of this property Uniform Resource Locator 0 references Wikidata usage instructions Preferably use a specialized property like official website P856, reference URL P854, or archive URL P1065. Otherwise, qualify with P642. (English) 0 references Verwende vorrangig eine spezielle Eigenschaft wie P856, P854 oder P1065. Muss ansonsten mit P642 verwendet werden. (German) 0 references Utilisez préférentiellement une propriété spécifique comme site officiel P856, URL de référence P854 ou archive de l'URL P1065. Sinon, utilisez un qualificateur avec P642. (French) 0 references Utilizzare preferibilmente una proprietà specifica come P856 (sito ufficiale), P854 (URL di riferimento) e P1065 (URL d'archivio); altrimenti, usare un qualificatore con P642. (Italian) 0 references Gebruik bij voorkeur een meer specifieke eigenschap zoals P856 (officiële website), P854 (website voor bronvermelding) of P1065 (archief website). Of gebruik dit eigenschap met P642 als kwalificatie. (Dutch) 0 references Lebih baik dipergunakan dengan atribut khusus seperti situs resmi P856, situs rujukan P854 atau situs arsip P1065. Serta dinyatakan memenuhi syarat dalam cakupan P642 (Indonesian) 0 references Utilizar con preferencia una propiedá específica como P856 (sitiu oficial), P854 (URL de referencia) y P1065 (URL d'archivu); d'otra miente, calificar con P642. (Asturian) 0 references より詳細な以下のプロパティを使用することが望ましい。公式サイト(P856)、出典URL(P854)、アーカイブURL(P1065)。もしくは以下についての(of)(P642)で修飾する。 (Japanese) 0 references 最好使用特定属性,例如官方网站(P856)、参考文献URL(P854)或是存档URL(P1065)。否则请加限定符P642 (Simplified Chinese) 0 references Wikidata property example Art & Architecture Thesaurus LOD Dataset URL [] of technical documentation 0 references equivalent property [] 0 references [] 0 references see also official website 0 references reference URL 0 references archive URL 0 references protocol 0 references file format 0 references described at URL 0 references full work available at 0 references SPARQL endpoint 0 references webcam page URL 0 references property proposal discussion [] 0 references OSM tag or key Key:url 0 references


property constraint format constraint format as a regular expression (https?|ftp)://(\S+\.)+\S+(/\S*)?| constraint status mandatory constraint 0 references property scope constraint property scope as main value as qualifiers 0 references Retrieved from "[]"

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