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      Yes Not now July 20, 2018 July 20, 2018 Democracy Dies in Darkness
      Russia continues to shape narrative of Helsinki summit Moscow says it has sent formal proposals to Washington based on “agreements” between President Trump and Vladi­mir Putin. The Russian story line of the meeting — with no confirmation or alternative account from the Trump administration — tended to favor the Kremlin’s own policy prescriptions. FBI seized recording of Trump and Cohen discussing payments for story of ex-model who alleged affair “I think we need to bring this in-house,” lawyer Michael Cohen tells then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, referring to the story, according to one person with knowledge of the recording. President Trump’s attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani confirmed the recording’s existence and said no payment was made. Mueller seeking to question ‘Manhattan madam,’ a friend of Roger Stone, she says Big money is flowing into the 2018 fight for the U.S. Senate While super PACs supporting Democrats did better in June, the Republican National Committee surpassed its Democratic counterpart. (Video: Drea Cornejo/The Post; photo Matt McClain/The Post) How a 50-year-old photo mystery was solved. Well, at least half of it. Late one night, a Maryland woman decided to take her laptop to bed with her. She clicked on a story about an old picture. Her eyes widened. “No,” Michele Holzman thought to herself. “That couldn’t be me. Could it?” Transgender men talk about life across the gender divide Are people really more likely to listen to men? Do women ever discriminate against them? Transgender men have a rare perspective on how both women and men experience life. The stories of four men who transitioned reveal the wide gulf that remains between how society treats the sexes.
      • Story by Tara Bahrampour | Photos by Evelyn Hockstein
      • 16 hours ago
      The story must be told. Your subscription supports journalism that matters. Try 1 month for $1 Opinions Opinions Trump sees dead people. And they talk. Trump is reviving the policies that once darkened the world Fact: Trump’s moral and ethical qualities come up short Those who deny birthright citizenship get the Constitution wrong
      • By Elizabeth Wydra
      ‘Italy has done a lot — maybe too much’
      • By Lally Weymouth
      We can’t outsource America’s asylum system More Top Stories More Top Stories Analysis While officials think Trump is right about trade with China, they fear his answer is all wrong The president’s raise-the-stakes approach could result in an open-ended trade war with the world’s largest economy, some lawmakers and executives fear. Agencies investigate conditions for separated migrant children Two probes of an Illinois shelter follow a Washington Post report of abuse against children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. Disney fires ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn over old tweets Several of the messages, which dated back to 2009, include jokes involving children and sexual misconduct. Celebrities in far-right circles online had resurfaced the tweets of Gunn, an active social media user who often directs his ire at conservatives. Ohio State has more than 100 firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by former athletic doctor Controversy over whether the school’s athletic coaches knew about allegations against Richard Strauss has ensnared congressman Jim Jordan, an influential conservative lawmaker. ‘It’s the president we all want’: Liberals dive into ‘The West Wing’ to get away from 2018 reality “The West Wing Weekly” podcast, with its 1.3 million downloads a month, is helping some melancholy liberals find escapism in the Trump era. Investigations begin following deaths of 17 in Missouri tourist boat disaster The National Transportation Safety Board joined state and local officials in Branson, Mo., to help probe the latest incident involving duck boats, which have been involved in several fatal accidents in water and on land. Home Depot fired him after he spoke to a ‘racist’ customer. Then he told the media about it. Maurice Rucker, a 60-year-old black man, said he was defending himself from a customer who went on a racist tirade. The company offered him his job back after news outlets covered his story. Visual Stories Visual Stories In Sight (Terje Abusdal) Inside a mostly faded culture on Norway’s border with Sweden Graphic (The Washington Post) These women have won their primaries. Will they be elected in November? Graphic (Kevin Uhrmacher, Youjin Shin and Monica Ulmanu/The Post) Which countries has Trump visited as president? Not all of the traditional U.S. partners. Visual Story (Deb Lindsey for The Post) Step-by-step | How to make the fluffiest muffins Photos (John McDonnell/The Post, EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, AFP/Getty) Here are 17 of the week’s best photos Photos (Trent Behr) The scene after a duck boat sinks, killing 17 during a storm near Branson, Mo.
      Video (The Washington Post) Late-night laughs: Trump backtracks his Russia comments UP NEXT Late-night laughs: Trump backtracks his Russia comments Play Video 1:55 UP NEXT Multiple tornadoes thrash Iowa towns Play Video 1:29 UP NEXT Watch the screaming match between Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Play Video 1:25 UP NEXT Duck boat capsizes in Missouri, killing at least 17 Play Video 0:57 Most Read More popular stories on washingtonpost.com Market Watch Dow 25,058.12 Today 0.03% S&P 2,801.83 Today 0.09% NASDAQ 7,820.2 Today 0.07% Last Updated:4:48 PM 07/21/2018 Stories from The Lily The Lily, a publication of The Washington Post, elevates stories about women. Explicitly educational: Erotic fanfiction’s sex-ed appeal to young women Perspective ‘Constant knots and an uneasiness in my stomach’: This is how I experience anxiety Meet the Subversive Sirens. These 5 women are bringing joy and inclusivity to synchronized swimming. From Our Advertisers This content is paid for by the advertiser and published by WP BrandStudio. The Washington Post newsroom was not involved in the creation of this content. Learn more about WP BrandStudio.
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